Established in 2020

Bentonville MTB is more than your average bike park photo company. We strive to connect with the community and the riders OZ Trails brings in. Bentonville MTB plays a big role when people plan their trip to Northwest Arkansas.

Meet The Team

Check out the faces and stories behind those amazing mountain biking shots.

founder and photographer

Jason hanson

Coming from a motocross photography background in Miami, Jason moved here to pursue his passion for mountain biking and photography. Jason started Bentonville MTB in late July, striving to make the bike community he loves more visual. He loves helping the mountain bike community as a whole, providing public use pumps at Coler Bike Preserve, leaving rakes and shovels for the local teens to build trails, and offering free photo days to give back to the community. When Jason isn't taking photos, he is out riding his bike and progressing his skills.


Max Enevoldsen

Max is the newest member to the Bentonville MTB team. Max moved here from the flat plains of South Dakota to pursue his dream of mountain biking. Once he picked up a camera, he instantly fell in love. Max is an amazing bike rider, so he knows where the perfect angles are for the camera. Since he has an experienced riding background, Max can see the shot before the shot happens.